Thermal Imaging

Thermal Imaging

We can save you time and money by finding potential problems in your electrical cabling and Distribution Boards before they become costly or dangerous failures.

Using the latest in FLIR thermal imaging technology we can perform infrared inspections fast and efficiently. The FLIR E85 is packed with the high-performance features required for fast, accurate detection of hot spots and hidden deficiencies. The 384 x 288 true native resolution offers more than 110,000 points of temperature measurement.

With the accompanying software PK Electrical & Security can generate a report documenting any faults and make recommendations on the best course of action.


Want to save money on your electrical costs?


Not sure if your ageing electrical cabling and Distribution Boards are running hot?

  • Are the office Lights running safely and efficiently?

A Thermal Imagining Inspection by PK Electrical & Security can answer these questions.

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