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Imagine a home that speaks for itself, imagine a home that wakes you up in the morning with your favourite radio station, opens the blinds/curtains to your desired level, switches on the coffee machine – all without you doing a thing.

A home that arms your home security system and turns off unnecessary power points when everyone leaves the house, notifies you of alarms and lets you view your surveillance cameras from anywhere on your smartphone.

Imagine a home that  turns on the air conditioning or heating when you’re nearly home, that opens your garage door as you approach, and turns on the lights and music welcoming you home. 


Comfort and convenience in all homes


Independence for people living with a disability


Wi-Fi switching for your current home

PK Electrical & Security delivers lifestyle solutions for modern Australian homes bringing your imagination to life.  Technology the whole family can use – to control your home: lighting, power points, cooling, heating, garage door, access, home theatre, blinds, curtains, gates, security, pool, cameras, and more – all with remote access.

Solutions can be installed into existing homes, new homes or during renovations.  The solutions provided by PK Electrical & Security provide the flexibility to be installed at any stage… to create the lifestyle you want.

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